Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Woman I Admire!!

I met Scream Queen Brooke Lewis about I think three years ago and from the start I was fascinated by this strong, beautiful, and talented female who was all about never giving up and always going for your dreams. She reminded me a lot of me and we clicked. From then on we became friends and we talk whenever we can but with our busy schedules we try to fit in at least a hello. I go to her Facebook fan page as much as I can to keep up with what shes doing and I am always so proud of her. She is now a Certified Life Coach and has videos up talking to women and teens about how they feel about they're bodies, or the choices they make in life, shes helping coach them through there touch times and helping them realize that they are  beautiful just the way they are. Just talking to Brooke for less then a minute makes you feel beautiful and special, she has a natural gift when it comes to helping others and letting them know they matter.
With Women in Horror Month coming up in February I wanted to let everyone know who my hero was, BROOKE LEWIS!!
She is a talent that there are no words for, she is a woman who knows what she wants and she gets it, she is a woman who will never stop at her dreams and her goals and she is the most respectful person anyone would ever meet. I am proud to call her my Big Sister! Brooke has taught me to be a stronger person, to never give up and to always fight for my dreams, I thank you Brooke for always being there for me! I love you.

Damn don't she look HOT in this picture! WOW!!

With her Certified Degree in Life Coaching she has made some great videos that I would love to share with everyone. Please watch and enjoy.

Please be sure to visit her at