Sunday, December 23, 2012


As the new year approaches very soon, I find myself once again starting a new year with multiple projects on hand. I am shooting two feature films, Days of Terror is now going to take on it's 2nd year but this time joining me will be Nicholas Grawbosky and Lloyd Kaufman. That's right this convention is going to be FANTASTIC! The convention will be dedicated to the Independent Horror Artist and we will be showcasing the future of Horror.

I have also signed a deal with Black Bedsheet Books and am publishing my Poetry Book which has been a dream of mine to do. I also have other books in the works also.

I am will be going on Season 3 of Movie Massacre which is growing in numbers, I cannot believe all of the wonderful fans out there who are loving the show, thank you all for your support. Season 3 will have some brand new characters and of course awesome films.

I am doing the Live shows every First Saturday of the month at the Clay Theater in San Francisco and those are going good, we have raffle and Guests and it's been going great. I love the Clay Theater.

I will be coming back yet again to Creepy Kofy Movie Time for my segment "Web of Insanity"

My Creepy Kofy Comic Book is done and will be debuting in January and I am working very close with Jason Dube on my next Comic Books, one in which I will be a Super Hero! I will also be doing more Forgotten Tale comics..

I will also be doing as many conventions as I can but cannot promise anything, with everything on my plate it will be a little harder for me to to get to every convention. I am also going to be doing as much acting as possible this year, I have some films lined up already  and some auditions. Acting was always my first passion and so was music so with the new year I will be pursuing my acting career and cutting my first album. I want to do it all and I will.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and given me love and believed in me. I will continue to do everything that I can to support my friends and fellow artists!
Thank you!

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