Monday, July 14, 2014

Welcome To My Darkside: Women In Horror Documentary

Years ago I sat down and watched a Documentary a friend of mine lent me that had interviews with scream queens in the horror genre. This Documentary inspired me to do one of my own and since I new so many woman in the horror genre I began to email and start getting as many as I could. Most of the women I traveled to and some of them sent me their interviews which was very helpful seeing I couldn't travel to all of them. I began to learn from all of them why horror is the genre that they cannot get enough of. It was my very first full length film from doing short films and it was pretty scary but at the end I couldn't help but smile over what I had created.
I am very proud to say that my Women in Horror Documentary has gotten a distribution deal. We here at Last Doorway Productions are very happy and cannot wait to see our Doc in stores. World Wide Multi Media loved the doc and had to have it. I cannot express how appreciated I am to all the women who were involved. I have an array of women in this Documentary who are smart, beautiful, talented and hard working.
Featuring Directors, Producers, Actresses, Radio Personal, Horror Hosts and more, these women let you know how they feel about being in horror, being treated differently on set and more. I am very proud of this Documentary and again am so happy that you all will be able to watch it. I want to take this time to thank all the women involved, they are all so wonderful and still to this day supportive of me and I thank you all for everything!!

A new cover coming soon...
Starring: Lynn Lowry, Adrienne King, Brooke Lewis, April Burril, Dai Green, Monique Dupree, Amy Lynn Best, Bianca Barnett, Christa Campbell, Dana Pike, Darla Enlow, Elske McCain, Mary Gaby Goff, Heidi Burrowes, Heidi Martinuzzi, Seregon O' Dassey, Shannon Lark, Nina Kempf, Scarlet Salem, Kelly Devoto, Kimberly Amato, Maureen Mo Whelan, Michelle Fatale, Michelle Tomlinson, Judy Cerda, Ms. Monster, Nicole Williams, Nicole Kruex, Priscilla Ozuna, Sarah Virginia Brock, Susan Adriensen, Tucky Williams and Victoria De Mare.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Sometimes, the most evil things come from the most holy…

Conflicted with his faith in God and the hypocrisy of the church, Aidan Schaeffer, a young assistant pastor, is in a constant state of spiritual turmoil. When Aidan learns that his ex-fiancĂ©e is the first victim in a string of ritualistic killings, he finds himself in the middle of an even deeper fight. Tormented by demonic threats and haunted by spirits, Aidan throws himself into investigating Amanda’s death; all the while supernatural forces have begun to attack the people around him. The more questions he asks, the more he is drawn into the world of a mysterious Anglican priest, a paranormal investigation group and a rogue female detective investigating the murders. As the gruesome rituals escalate, ancient hidden secrets and an evil long buried threaten to rip Aidan’s world apart.

Open the Gates Into the 3 Gates of the Dead Filmmaker Competition

Have you ever dreamed of a shot at becoming a film director in Hollywood?
Here’s your chance…

About Jonathan Ryan:

Jonathan Ryan is an author, columnist, blogger, and theologian. His debut horror mystery novel, 3 Gates of the Dead (October 2013), has earned multiple rave reviews including Midwest Book Review, the Director of Development of The Wolper Organization at Warner Bros. (Bates Motel, Mists of Avalon), and a TIME Magazine reviewer. He grew up poor in Indiana and spent two weeks every summer with his grandmother, who allowed him to check out library books on Bigfoot, the Mothman, and ghost stories. He explored all the dark and spooky places of the Midwest, including the mysterious mounds that dot the landscape there, developing a love for the weird, scary and strange. Jonathan’s adventurous spirit has led him to live in many states and travel the world. He has given much of himself in an effort to help others, many times at his own risk. He was mistaken for a member of the IRA while encouraging dialogue in Belfast between Protestants and Catholics before the Truce. He has worked among the Navajo and Tohono O’odham nations as well as brought together a group of atheists and Christians to contribute to relief efforts in Biloxi and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Jonathan has spoken to thousands of people on writing and religion. His writing credits include The Huffington Post, Christianity Today, The High Calling, TAPS ParaMagazine, Intrepid Magazine, the renowned interfaith blog site, and popular horror site, He just completed co-authoring a work of non-fiction with Father Jim Sichko entitled Among Friends: Stories from the Journey (April 2014). Most recently, he has entered the world of producing, being named Associate Producer on two feature films by Mark Campbell Productions: Cottonwood, a murder mystery set in the Dust Bowl era of 1930′s Texas starring Louis Gossett Jr., Anthony Michael Hall, Alison Eastwood, Ethan Suplee, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), and the supernatural horror, Annabelle (inspired by the Warren case files – e.g. Warner Bros’ The Conjuring).

Connect with Jonathan here:

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Zombie Rock band Flesh Roxon settles in Zombie Road Trip, chart-topping mobile game

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                             October 17, 2013

Zombie Rock band Flesh Roxon settles in Zombie Road Trip, chart-topping mobile game

The band, signed to Live Nation Finland, presents a special bundle inside the app, allowing gamers to slay zombies with a branded saw launcher under the catchy lines of their song “Suck My Chainsaw.”

NEW YORK, NY (October 17, 2013) – The hit mobile game app Zombie Road Trip, currently featured in the special Zombies section of the Apple iTunes App Store, released a new update this week featuring Live Nation Finland’s “Zombie Rock” band Flesh Roxon. The app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded for free from the App Store. An updated Android version of the game is coming out soon.

"Zombie Road Trip and Flesh Roxon are basically a match made in... well, hell. And we mean that in the best way possible." – says Ryan Holowaty, COO of Noodlecake Studios, publisher of the game. "Running and gunning zombies to the punk rock stylings of Flesh Roxon’s music has put a permanent smile on my face. We can't wait for everyone to play the new update!"

Zombie Road Trip is a ragdoll-based arcade game available for iOS and Android platforms where the gamer is driving a car while constantly performing tricks and shooting zombies in order to survive. Every shot zombie nets you zombie coins, which you can spend on hard earned things like different cars and weapons.

The just released Flesh Roxon update is available for free to everyone who "likes" the music trio's Facebook page. The themed bundle consisting of a devilish vehicle and chainsaw launcher gun have been developed specially for the band. While driving the branded car, the gamers will be listening to the two songs from the band's debut album, Flesh To The Bone. Titled "Lonely Rider" and "Suck My Chainsaw," these zombie killing anthems fit the gameplay perfectly.

"We're happy to have Flesh Roxon included in this addictive game and invade other fascinating areas of the entertainment industry with our bands." – said Mikko Haapala, Business Development Manager at Live Nation Finland.

“I can hardly wait to kill zombies myself. Slaying zombies is always nice!” – added Nicky, the lead singer of the band.

If you like what you see and hear while playing Zombie Road Trip, catch Flesh Roxon on tour or download their full length album at

For further information contact Dotted Music Marketing & PR:

Monday, October 21, 2013

ABC'S Of Death Contest!

My Good friend Mo Whelan and I got together while I was staying in Los Angeles and decided to do a film for fun for the ABC'S of Death Contest! The Letter to choose is M so we decided to do a film called M is for.... Miscarriage. I wrote the script the day before we shot and we were very passionate to film it and work together. We called our good friend Marv Blauvelt and the rest is history.. We had a great time that night doing what we all love to do and from it we created this...

I'd like to thank Marv Blauvelt and Mo Whelan, I cannot wait to work with you both again!!

Muah xoxo

Monday, July 22, 2013

My review of The Conjuring!

It's been awhile since I've seen a good ghost story, I mean a good ghost story. Growing up in a couple of haunted houses myself I am a sucker for scary ghost stories. When I first heard of the Conjuring I was very excited! I am a huge fan of the Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and couldn't wait to see this film. After being teased by trailers for weeks now I finally saw the film yesterday night.
James Wan yet again does not disappoint with his films. He not only knows how to put together a great ghost story but he also knows how to create suspense. Something that I feel a lot of movies lack.
One of the best parts of his films I have noticed is hearing the audiences reactions in the theater. Yes I love it when I hear people screaming and seeing them jump, James Wan has been successful at this multiple times. He isn't afraid of playing with camera angles and there are some amazing and beautiful shots in this film. Another great thing about the film is that it doesn't just give us insight on a family being tormented by a dark entity but it also gives us some insight on the warrens and who they were. I would love to see more films like this, especially of more cases from the Warrens. After watching this film I must say I felt very relieved, I felt great, I felt like I finally seen a good horror film, and its been a while. James Wan thank you for making my year!! :)

The Conjuring is a roller coaster ride of suspense, horror, and chills, a must see and let me say I cannot wait to see what James Wan will come up with next.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Woman I Admire!!

I met Scream Queen Brooke Lewis about I think three years ago and from the start I was fascinated by this strong, beautiful, and talented female who was all about never giving up and always going for your dreams. She reminded me a lot of me and we clicked. From then on we became friends and we talk whenever we can but with our busy schedules we try to fit in at least a hello. I go to her Facebook fan page as much as I can to keep up with what shes doing and I am always so proud of her. She is now a Certified Life Coach and has videos up talking to women and teens about how they feel about they're bodies, or the choices they make in life, shes helping coach them through there touch times and helping them realize that they are  beautiful just the way they are. Just talking to Brooke for less then a minute makes you feel beautiful and special, she has a natural gift when it comes to helping others and letting them know they matter.
With Women in Horror Month coming up in February I wanted to let everyone know who my hero was, BROOKE LEWIS!!
She is a talent that there are no words for, she is a woman who knows what she wants and she gets it, she is a woman who will never stop at her dreams and her goals and she is the most respectful person anyone would ever meet. I am proud to call her my Big Sister! Brooke has taught me to be a stronger person, to never give up and to always fight for my dreams, I thank you Brooke for always being there for me! I love you.

Damn don't she look HOT in this picture! WOW!!

With her Certified Degree in Life Coaching she has made some great videos that I would love to share with everyone. Please watch and enjoy.

Please be sure to visit her at


Sunday, December 23, 2012


As the new year approaches very soon, I find myself once again starting a new year with multiple projects on hand. I am shooting two feature films, Days of Terror is now going to take on it's 2nd year but this time joining me will be Nicholas Grawbosky and Lloyd Kaufman. That's right this convention is going to be FANTASTIC! The convention will be dedicated to the Independent Horror Artist and we will be showcasing the future of Horror.

I have also signed a deal with Black Bedsheet Books and am publishing my Poetry Book which has been a dream of mine to do. I also have other books in the works also.

I am will be going on Season 3 of Movie Massacre which is growing in numbers, I cannot believe all of the wonderful fans out there who are loving the show, thank you all for your support. Season 3 will have some brand new characters and of course awesome films.

I am doing the Live shows every First Saturday of the month at the Clay Theater in San Francisco and those are going good, we have raffle and Guests and it's been going great. I love the Clay Theater.

I will be coming back yet again to Creepy Kofy Movie Time for my segment "Web of Insanity"

My Creepy Kofy Comic Book is done and will be debuting in January and I am working very close with Jason Dube on my next Comic Books, one in which I will be a Super Hero! I will also be doing more Forgotten Tale comics..

I will also be doing as many conventions as I can but cannot promise anything, with everything on my plate it will be a little harder for me to to get to every convention. I am also going to be doing as much acting as possible this year, I have some films lined up already  and some auditions. Acting was always my first passion and so was music so with the new year I will be pursuing my acting career and cutting my first album. I want to do it all and I will.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and given me love and believed in me. I will continue to do everything that I can to support my friends and fellow artists!
Thank you!