Monday, July 14, 2014

Welcome To My Darkside: Women In Horror Documentary

Years ago I sat down and watched a Documentary a friend of mine lent me that had interviews with scream queens in the horror genre. This Documentary inspired me to do one of my own and since I new so many woman in the horror genre I began to email and start getting as many as I could. Most of the women I traveled to and some of them sent me their interviews which was very helpful seeing I couldn't travel to all of them. I began to learn from all of them why horror is the genre that they cannot get enough of. It was my very first full length film from doing short films and it was pretty scary but at the end I couldn't help but smile over what I had created.
I am very proud to say that my Women in Horror Documentary has gotten a distribution deal. We here at Last Doorway Productions are very happy and cannot wait to see our Doc in stores. World Wide Multi Media loved the doc and had to have it. I cannot express how appreciated I am to all the women who were involved. I have an array of women in this Documentary who are smart, beautiful, talented and hard working.
Featuring Directors, Producers, Actresses, Radio Personal, Horror Hosts and more, these women let you know how they feel about being in horror, being treated differently on set and more. I am very proud of this Documentary and again am so happy that you all will be able to watch it. I want to take this time to thank all the women involved, they are all so wonderful and still to this day supportive of me and I thank you all for everything!!

A new cover coming soon...
Starring: Lynn Lowry, Adrienne King, Brooke Lewis, April Burril, Dai Green, Monique Dupree, Amy Lynn Best, Bianca Barnett, Christa Campbell, Dana Pike, Darla Enlow, Elske McCain, Mary Gaby Goff, Heidi Burrowes, Heidi Martinuzzi, Seregon O' Dassey, Shannon Lark, Nina Kempf, Scarlet Salem, Kelly Devoto, Kimberly Amato, Maureen Mo Whelan, Michelle Fatale, Michelle Tomlinson, Judy Cerda, Ms. Monster, Nicole Williams, Nicole Kruex, Priscilla Ozuna, Sarah Virginia Brock, Susan Adriensen, Tucky Williams and Victoria De Mare.


  1. If you're going to be around Chicago; here's Grigori 3; talk to Ray about composing the movie and if you're looking for someone to make a cameo and if going to be in Joliet. Look me up as you will have my phone number. Jeff worked with now family friend Scott Davidson if you're looking to do an exclusive with Scott Davidson I will get you in touch with him. I was part of Gothicfest 2005 and 2007; man who gave the book signings on the event I was behind that. Gothicfest was every bit my baby as it was Jeff's in that sense.